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Miss Baby Sol

Introducing the mesmerising Miss Baby Sol – A powerhouse performer, able to effortlessly weave an atmospheric sonic tapestry of genre-busting sensuality. 


Co-signed by icons such as Will.I.Am, Paloma Faith, Laura Mvula, Shingai (Noisettes) and, Speech Debelle, she continues to carve her own niche in the industry. Regularly referenced by her peers and audiences as a 'trailblazer' and 'a phenomenal force to be reckoned with', Miss Baby Sol captivates with goosebump-raising performances that feature a masterful blend of hypnotic melodies, soul-baring lyrics and humour.


In a world where authenticity is everything, Miss Baby Sol stands tall as a symbol of musical excellence. With her unique, diverse sound, powerful lyrics, and captivating presence, her music inspires and motivates positive change in the world. 


Her debut solo album 'Before I Begin (The Journey)' set the foundations for greatness. Alongside partnerships with Amnesty International, Stop Violence Against Women, the 'No More Page 3' campaign and the first-ever Artist in Residence for Women of the World Festival, 

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What are others saying?

"Your voice sounds like Miles is playing it"

- -

"There are times I wonder why Baby Sol isn't the most popular artist on the planet, and then I realise it's because she is beyond time, beyond culture, beyond space and beyond us. She is magnificent and otherworldly. Society may not be ready for what is beyond us, but I will damn well try and shout and scream about her brilliance for as long as I live and for as long as I love. I guess you could say I'm a fan."

- Paloma Faith -

'Our one to watch Baby Sol'

- BBC Radio Manchester -

‘Baby Sol is a multi-talented vocalist and the most true & raw singer I've ever watched. Baby ALWAYS gets a reaction out of me when I watch her perform, and her swag is fresh & timeless all at the same time. Her beautiful humanity pours out of her and implores you to cry and dance. She's 100% the truth; that's the only way I can describe what Baby does.'

- Liam Bailey -

"Since the first time I heard Baby sing in a soundcheck at Hoxton Bar in 2007, I have found her voice captivating and powerful. Her voice, her command of the stage, and the emotional content of whatever she sings or says come across directly to the audience like few others can do. One of the best voices I've ever heard."

- Seye Adelekan, Gorillaz -

Baby by name, soulful by nature – if you have not heard of Baby Sol, you're about to get the name etched in your head'

- RWD Magazine -

“I’ve worked with Tina Turner and Saidah Garrett, some of the best singers in the world and Baby is up there with them. From heartbreak to euphoria - she does it all for real”

- Jack Hues, Wang Chung -

“Baby is an otherworldly force. Her voice moves mountains. We don’t deserve her”

- Laura Mvula -

“Miss Baby Sol is an artist whose repertoire crosses genres. Her songs are soulful with meaningful lyrics, catchy melodies and sultry grooves that will impact you in a positive manner. 

She writes music that digs deep and can speak to many aspects of your life experiences. She is a relatable person with an infectious personality; a natural exuberant performer. Once you’ve met her, you won’t forget her.”

- Peter Daley MA BMus HonBC, Composer, Musician & Educator -

‘Baby Sol is the voice that comes along but once in a lifetime. Despite her relentless hustle over the last decade, she remains in full command of her instrument. Baby reminds me of what singing is, what it's for, and of the levels we should never be afraid to take it to. Her vocal tone & ability to captivatingly tell a story through song, beyond definition. The sheer dedication to her craft reflects the soul of one who lives & breathes her true calling. Baby Sol deserves full support & investment from the industry. Which, at this pivotal time, must prove that it is truly committed to promoting the highest standards of UK artistry at home & abroad. In addition to her musicality, the phenomenal Baby Sol has ceaselessly used her voice to shine light in the arenas of social justice. I admire her activism. I'd like to believe that we are truly at the beginning of a new era. An era where an undefinable & highly cultured artist such as Baby Sol, is finally given her chance to shine.’

- Shingai -

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